Primal Bonds


Shifter Made ("prequel" short story)

Wild Cat

Hard Mated

Mate Claimed (Oct 2012)

"Perfect Mate" in Unbound (March 2013)

Tiger Magic (June 2013)

And more to come!

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Hard Mated

Chapter One

His only warning was the bone-rattling roar before several tons of enraged bear Shifter landed on him. Spike in his jaguar form rolled out of the way, twisted in a half-somersault through the dust, and came up under the bear's throat.

The crowd--under the blaze of bonfires, work lights, and lantern flashlights--roared, Shifter throats open in howls of glee.

Spike slashed upward with his fangs, catching the loose skin under the bear's chin, right above his Collar. The bear scrambled backward, swinging his head to pry loose the wildcat clinging to his throat. Spike wrapped all four huge jaguar paws around the bear's neck and hung on, biting down enough to taste blood.

Both the bear's and Spike's Collars were sparking wildly, the mechanisms designed to stop Shifters from giving in to violence.

Too late. Way too late. The beast in Spike wanted to tear into the bear's jugular and gulp down his blood, pull off his head and kick it into the middle of the ring. Spike would prove to all watchers that a wildcat could best a bear five times his size. Speed and cunning were what counted in the ring, not being as big as a two-ton pickup.

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