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by Richard von Fuchs

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2014

Chapter 1

A Rude Awakening - A.W.O.L Goats

October, 1985

Matt woke up around 8 o’clock and looked up at the skylight.

Yellow alder leaves scrambled around the plastic bubble. He could just see the tops of a row of fir trees dancing in the wind. It was raining lightly. Grey clouds slid over each other. On the other side of the cabin, Julie was asleep on the water bed. Matt preferred his own Mexican rope bed, in a frame he made himself, and covered with Japanese quilts. He closed his eyes and did the ten to one countdown, seeing each number three times in three different colors, taking a deep breathe for each one. Today’s affirmation was: “I will be kind, and I am getting rich.” He was down to the yellow number three when he heard a crash.

He bounced out of bed, naked, and ran into the kitchen. His girlfriend’s four year old daughter had climbed up on a chair to get herself a box of sugar frosted cereal (with honey and chocolate) and had knocked down a glass jar full of brown rice. Her little bottom was sticking out of her T-shirt. Her jet black hair was tied in 2 braids with different colored ribbons.

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