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Angry Sex


Tara Nova

Smashwords Edition

© 2012 Tara Nova

* * *

The fight began at Mickey’s Bar and continued to escalate all the way home.

“I can’t leave you alone for one fucking minute, can I!” Billy yelled, his brown eyes narrowed in anger. Kirsten had seen him angry before, but he was really over the top now. “What the fuck, Kirsten!?”

“Nothing happened, Billy, for Christ’s sake!” she defended lamely, but she felt guilty.

“That’s not how it looked to me,” he retorted. “I watched you guys for a few minutes when I came in, and he was putting his goddamn hands all over you. And you fucking let him!”

“Well, maybe if you hadn’t been over an hour late, he never would have had the chance!” Kirsten retorted.

“That’s great. That’s just fucking great! So it’s my fault the guy was ready to stick his dick in you? Well, I’m sorry. Sorry that I had to work late to put food on the goddamn table, and sorry that I wasn’t there to help keep your legs closed!”

They were pulling into the driveway of their house now. Kirsten got out of the car, clutching her purse to her chest. She could feel her own anger welling up inside her and before she could stop herself, she whirled around and screamed, “Well, maybe if you were man enough to fuck me once in a while I wouldn’t have to look for someone else’s dick!” The words hung in the quiet summer night, echoing for a moment before giving way to the loud chirping of crickets.

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