Seasons of Our Lives

It’s raining outside, just entering the month of October, and the possibility of a cool spell is in the air. The door to my small apartment is open to the refreshing breeze sweeping over the city from the west, and one can hear neighbors outside visiting. I am aware of an incredible feeling of harmony and peace. On such a comfortable, wonderful day I am reminded of the omnipotence of God and the wisdom with which She designed the seasons of the year so perfectly. Then, it came to me that our lives are cyclical like the seasons, too.

As I settle myself into the comfort of my favorite easy chair, I escape momentarily from the world of mundane reality and experience incredible new insights.

I contemplate the awesome beauty of spring: a time of renewal, and optimism. She comes quickly, eagerly; flowers bloom and the world around me turns a beautiful fresh green. Colors are brighter; energy is at an all time high. We have a sudden urge to spice up our image, take on new projects, change the living room draperies, and bravely decide to ask the boss for a raise. Then, summer is fast on that season’s heels and a can of cold beer tastes especially good. Soon I get sick of the incessant heat, air conditioning forever buzzing away, and new freckles every time I step outside and I know I’m ready for fall.

And so, life continues the circle, repeating once more the coming and going of the seasons.

Days and weeks pass and new beginnings become old routines; the sharp, fresh air of once-dewy mornings becomes heavy and stale and the calendar turns a page once more. Vacation time gives a short reprieve from the steady diet of work as summer bears down hard and heavy. We get a bit tired, a bit short on patience, and we are forced to slow down the pace lest we overdo.

Just when we think we can’t survive another day, a cool shift of the wind kisses our cheek and we notice that the leaves are changing into beautiful gold, orange and brown and they begin to fall, one by one, to lie in small heaps on the front lawn. An early evening walk becomes the sweet, whipped cream that tops off our day; nights soften, the earth begins to cool, and time lingers another moment in perfection.

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