The Glitch

Carl Asher

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Copyright 2012 Carl Asher

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While on his pedestrian way to work, John was accosted by a man whose grubby and dishevelled appearance hinted at a state of destitution, homelessness and an aversion to personal hygiene.

“I have a friend,” said the accoster with disproportional affability, adding mentally-unstable to his list of unpleasant first-impressions.

Apprehensively, John acknowledged, “Okay,” whilst quickening his sidewalk scuttle, hoping his escalated swiftness would discourage the grubby man from keeping abreast of him, and pursuing a dialogue.

John was quickly disappointed.

“I have a new friend,” proclaimed the loon in a singsong voice, thoroughly chuffed with this tidbit of apparent good fortune.

“Uh-huh,” mumbled John with all the begrudged politeness he could muster. He further quickened his step.

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