With an ungainly yet effective hobble, the grub maintained his post alongside John.

Johns presentiment of unease quickly escalated to fear.

The aggressively affable assailer remained blissfully oblivious to John’s curt and overtly insufferable posture. He asked, “Can you see him?”

“See who?” inquired john, in a quiet and forcibly disaffected tone—never once removing his gaze from the path ahead.

“My new friend, of course,” said the man with a toothless smile. “My friend; can you see him?”




“Are you sure? You can’t see him?”

“No… Sorry.”

Resignedly, with a sting of belittlement, the grub said, “Oh well, never mind; not many people can.”


“He’s invisible to most.”

“Is that so?” said John, not wondering why this recently revealed fact didn’t surprise him in the least.

“Yes… It is so…”

There were a few moments of blessed silence; although the hobbling hobo continued to remain at John’s side, with his unnerving air of indecent camaraderie. John relished the silence, the respite. He hoped it heralded an end to this vexatious episode.

Dreams are free, and, more often than not, unfulfilled. The silence was broken by the lamprey, whispering with a conspiratorial hiss in John’s ear, “But don’t let his invisibility fool you. He is real.”

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