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To God for the talent…and the stubbornness. Help me to use it for good and not evil.

For the daydreamers. Don’t be afraid to share your worlds with rest of us.

To beta reader Judy Stone. You’ve been a blessing.

To my children, and our hope for the future.

To my husband John. Always.


Fog curled and rolled off her windshield as Brandy slowly drove her transport home. The buildings and alleys gleamed slick and black, a gift of the drenching fog. At this hour, the streets were virtually deserted.

She was tired and the old breaks her bones ached. Though they’d healed years ago, they hurt when the barometer dropped, made her grouchy. She wanted nothing more than a warm bed and eight hours of blessed unconsciousness.

She’d concluded her business with the vintner around one in the morning and absent- mindedly turned down this back road. While perfectly acceptable in daylight, this shortcut had been a bad choice at this time of night. Close to the slums, it had been the sight of more than one mugging.

Unfortunately she didn’t register her location until it was too late to retreat. Committed, she kept her doors locked and eyes open. In ten minutes she’d be home.

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