Kill Procrastination

Brady Gilchrist

© 2012 Brady Gilchrist

All Rights Reserved.

Smashwords Edition.


This book is dedicated to my Parents Stuart and Mary Louise for 45 years of unwavering support and teaching by example what it is to have a life well lived.


This book as a distillation of many ideas, experiences and countless conversations over many years. I’d wish to thank all those who touched me with ideas that inspired new ways of seeing things.

I’d like to thank Lucie Grys for her tremendous help in tuning and editing this volume. Louis Vagianos for his very clever thoughts on how to crystallize the ideas in this book, Mark Bassili for his insights on how the ideas could impact more people and David Neumann for being the first to honour me with the title “Mentor” - that was a watershed moment.

Table of Contents

1. Slay the Dragon.

2. Stuff I’ve Noticed About Me

3. In Search of Self-Discipline

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