The Universal Mind Hypothesis

By Kar Y. Lee, Ph.D.

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2010 by Kar Y. Lee

All rights reserved.

Last major update in Oct 2011

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This book was originally released under the title “Where Are The Zombies?” The “zombies” here refers to a concept in philosophy known as philosopher’s zombies, or phenomenal zombies, or simply p-zombies. Because of the original title of the book, some readers downloaded it for the wrong reason: Some thought that this was about those zombies in the horror movies.

Nothing illustrates this better than a comment from a reader who wrote, “I could not understand what the author was driving at. I looked and looked and could not locate a single zombie. Was the author also so confused?”

So, to avoid future confusions, this book’s title is now changed to The Universal Mind Hypothesis, which is really the conclusion of this book.

Original Preface

This is not your typical zombie book.

Zombies depicted in popular movies like “Day Of The Living Dead”, “Night Of The Living Dead”, and other similarly titled ones are all dumb-looking creatures, all having these partially deformed faces and mindless gazes. These slow walking flesh eaters are supposed to be unconscious killing machines capable of doing great damages to anyone in their path, turning ordinary people into their kind.

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