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The Introduction to the Fallen Series

By J. E. Miller

Copyright 2012 J. E. Miller

Smashwords Edition

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The guttural rumbling of the van’s engine roused me from a deep sleep. My eyes opened to the fading purple gray light of dusk and the steady stream of warm air from the heat vents. I turned my head to look out at the desolate scenery flying past, not really seeing it, still caught in the grip of my dream. I’d been dreaming of the way things used to be, before the whole world descended into hell... dreaming of home, and my mother, and what living had been like without the constant shadow of fear following close behind me.

I could see my mother's face in my mind's eye as clearly as if she were standing before me, her long black hair, artfully unkempt, and vibrant emerald green eyes that danced with laughter at the slightest provocation. I could smell the coffee, a nearly permanent fixture in her hand, sweet and loaded with cream; I could hear the love in her voice as she said goodbye to me on my way out the door. I was leaving for work, just as I had on the morning when disaster struck. She'd called to me as I'd unlocked my car, asking me to bring home a gallon of milk.

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