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A Small Inheritance

by Pat Jourdan

Published by Pat Jourdan at Smashwords

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Amelia Hull-Hewitt & Hunter Jourdan

A Small Inheritance

Pat Jourdan

Chapter 1

Simon had only just managed to get here in time and now the funeral droned on in the darkening church. Six ceremonial candles glowed on the altar and the tabernacle was hidden behind a dark purple veil. Very few people were here. Simon glanced at Mattie standing next to him, dressed in black from head to toe but still managing to look cheerful.. He was not surprised at the small number of mourners who had turned up, about a dozen or so and probably half of those were local people, drawn here because the lights were on and a ceremony in progress. There’s definitely something wrong with me, he thought. These little black flecks I can see all round. My eyesight’s going, just like they said it would. I’ll have to lay off the drink from now on. Ursula’s death is a warning, not that she’s died of the same sort of drink, but it’s definitely a sign.

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