Wing Commander Harry Lancaster

Chapter Two

“ It’s recess Harry. Time to go outside. Look, our new classmate Amy is standing outside by herself. You might want to go and help her out, show her where things are? Looks like Amanda has left her already,” Harry’s teacher Mr Beaufort said kindly, coffee cup in hand, as he waited for Harry to close his diary and leave.

“ Oh sorry Mr B I was thinking about something else.”

“ Not a problem Harry, you often are, now hurry up please I’m on duty today.”

Harry grabbed his apple, muesli bar and drink bottle and left the classroom. Mr B, as the students called him, raced off to the staff room for his coffee.

Amy Johnson was standing next to the wooden veranda railing of classroom 6B. She stood avoiding, ‘the stare’ of girls whispering among themselves beneath a dusty gum in the yard. Her thoughts were disturbed when Harry approached.

Harry said,“ Wouldn’t it be great if they put jiggly things into undies to make them move when you wanted to feel good. Then if you were bored you’d just squeeze your cheeks together and the wiggly thing would jiggle and make you feel all warm inside. What do you reckon?”

Amy stared at Harry for a moment with vacant surprise. She realised that this boy was being serious and replied, “ Your mum wouldn’t like it because the wiggly thing would probably ruin the washing machine and she wouldn’t be able to iron your undies in a perfect straight line.”

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