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Book One of the Starcrown Chronicles

by Jon Gerrard

Copyright 2012 Jon Gerrard

Smashwords Edition

Cover by Dane Low

For D

Who Believed.

Special Thanks to my two biggest fans:


Whose perceptive critique helped me make the story work

and Puka

Whose constant encouragement helped keep me going.

Chapter One

I guess it was the vibration of the deck plates that dragged me back to consciousness. I lay there with my face pressed against the decking for several moments trying to get my bearings. My thoughts were a complete jumble. I tried lifting my head and a grenade went off in my brain. Okay, bad idea. I let my cheek settle back into the warm puddle of drool on the deck.

I felt completely drained and wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep but there was something tugging at my mind. Some nagging little voice was running around in my head trying to get my attention.

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