Put a Ring on It

Sofia Bane

Copyright August 2012, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

It had already been a very long day of wedding planning when my fiancé and I walked by chance into the secondhand shop.

Jeremy scrubbed his face with his hands. “Want to look at suits while we’re here?”

We’d intended to rent them, but might as well. “Yeah.” I took his hand as we walked back toward the formalwear.

But I stopped dead not in front of the suits, but in front of the dresses. “We are missing out,” I lamented as I fingered off-white satin and the delicate beading on the dress in front of me.

Blaise.” Jeremy was amused as he came up behind me and took my shoulders. “If you want to go out wedding dress shopping, first you’d have to find a woman willing to marry you.”

I tilted my head back to kiss him as I grinned. “You don’t think I’d be stunning in this?”

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