Multidimensional Health

Benjamin C.S. Stratton

Copyright 2012 by Benjamin Stratton

Smashwords Edition

Health is about so much more than eating good food. Everybody knows nutrition, exercise, and sleep play a huge role in building a foundationally healthy body – but what about detoxification, electromagnetism, energetics, emotions, and the very structure of the bones themselves? This book covers some of the most powerful do-it-yourself therapies in existence to adjust the body on all of these levels. Neglecting and remaining ignorant to such fundamental aspects of the body is no trivial thing – in fact I am confident that if you want to not only feel your best, but look your best and become absolutely symptom free, you'll want to read this book.

This information is about more than health and vanity, it's about dramatically reducing society's dependence upon corporations and government.. Dependence upon these systems must be reduced because on the whole, such systems refuse to innovate. Of course there are exceptions, DARPA pioneered Internet technology, but such innovations are few and far between. Yes – technology gets a little better every year, cars get more technical, and information becomes more accessible. But when it comes to technological and health technologies that change the paradigm, such technologies are nonexistent.

We laud technological progress and praise its incredible innovations yet for the most part, everything is done essentially the same way. Nothing gets shaken up and nobody takes a step back, going “should we even be doing it this way?”

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