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For example, did you know it's possible to dramatically improve facial structure to align with the biological standard of health and beauty? It is absolutely possible to improve the facial structure, posture and other physical problems through a very simple therapy because I've been doing it myself for over a year. If this technique was ever commercially available, a host of different surgeries would be reduced to rubble.

People need to think outside the box and become aware that paradigm-changing free energy and health technologies are here today, then society will forever be dependent upon oil, electricity, coal, the federal reserve, the government, and massive multinational corporations. Maybe the institutions and technologies will change, but not fundamentally as they constantly seek to create dependency.

Chapter 1 is essentially an overview of how we got here. It's an overview of twisted incentives in our modern society which seek not to make people free and independent, but seek instead to make us debt slaves. Most commercial products sold for mass consumption were not created to benefit consumers, but to benefit producers. As this book will repeatedly convey, the consumer never comes first. When people rely on others to produce their products – whether it's medicine, therapies or food – power is given to people who already have enough of it. People become blind to their own creativity and fail to realize that true power comes from the bottom up, not the top down.

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