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Copyright 2012 by Marcus D Barnes

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

After the War

Time passed quickly after the battle of Red-Moon, though wounds were slow to heal.

The Venturers had already been six months in Torel-Ma, helping Senib to restore order and establish his kingdom. He was already proving to be a wise and benevolent ruler – ably assisted by his chief advisor, master Shrivak.

Embassies from Tir had begun to arrive a week after the decisive battle – allowing Sardil and his aides to return to other duties in Corillis.

Senib used Shalbazza’s ring to summon a new elemental lord, which he then tasked with bringing the contents of the old Sandking treasury here to supplement the royal coffers.

Senib rewarded his helpers, and friends, handsomely.


One morning, the Venturers were summoned, without ceremony or explanation, to the Hall of Ayung. Upon entering they saw Senib, sat on his throne. At his side were his courtiers and Shrivak.

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