A Short Guide To Excellent Cover Letters

Brian Wilson, D.C.

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Over the last twelve years, I have had the opportunity to help numerous individuals successfully navigate the job application process. I began my own personal working experience as a professional recruiter for a large head-hunting company in the northeast that focused on biotech and industrial contracts for major pharmaceuticals. I then proceeded to teach resume writing, cover letter writing and job interviewing courses for a business college in North Carolina. It was here that I truly realized the value of a presenting an applicant in the fullest light through the inclusion of a cover letter. The increase in securing an interview was clearly noticeable when an individual sent in a cover letter with their resume.

Within these next pages you will find a paragraph-by-paragraph break down to help guide you through the cover letter writing process. At the end of this short book, you will find three real-world examples that were successful in the candidate obtaining an interview, and coincidentally, the position they desired. All names contained within this document have been changed, but the situations are real, and will provide you with a great template to produce your own excellent cover letters!

Wishing you the greatest success,

Brian Wilson, D.C.

Cover Letter Generalities

What is a cover letter? The cover letter is your single most important piece of information that you can provide to the employer. Yes, you read that correctly. It is MORE important than the resume itself. From this point forward, I want you to think of the cover letter as your free interview. It is a chance to say to the employer, “I have read your job description, I understand what you are looking for, and this is where I have it in my employment experience.” Additionally, it affords you the opportunity to present to the employer an example of your writing and allows them to gain a glimpse of the level of professionalism with which you conduct yourself.

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