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A Collection of
Short Science Fiction, Fantasy and Alternative Reality Stories
of a decidedly Erotic nature.


Bradley Stoke


Copyright © 2012 by Bradley Stoke


“So, you’re a patron of Cyberwhore then, Kev?” asked Jeff with a sneer.

Kevin nodded sheepishly. How had he let something like that slip out?

“What’s wrong with the alternatives, Kev?” Jeff persisted, sipping from his beer glass in the window seat of the Red Encounter. “What about virtual sex? What’s wrong with penis pumps? And what about, heaven forbid, the real thing?”

“Not much chance of that up here on Mars, Jeff,” Kevin pointed out. “How many women have you known who’d want to live here? There are about forty men for every woman.”

“Yeah!” sniffed Jeff dismissively. “And those who’d rough the low gravity, the red skies and the dust storms, they’re real dogs, aren’t they? I can’t blame you for giving them a berth. But there are human prozzies, you know. Not the best you can get in the Solar System, but they’re real flesh and blood. Not that organic plastic shit with circuit boards for a brain. Why not go for that?”

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