Dusty knelt beside him. “Are you…?”

Thalos lifted his seared face. He spoke through the weight of his anguish. “He got away.”

Dusty nodded solemnly. He could tell his concern focused more on him.

Dalton threw off his visor. “Fuck!”

The men grouped around them.

Thalos managed to lift himself with one arm. “We—we saved some lives in the basement. And…he’s running out of places to hide.”

The soldiers nodded at the weak pep-talk. What Thalos truly felt grateful for was that none of their men died.

“We offed them three vampires downstairs, too,” the red-head said. This seemed to lift the soldier’s spirits more effectively.

Two soldiers came up carrying the woman. They bound her arms and feet, but she still struggled in their arms.

“She’s gone wild!” one of her captors said.

Thalos looked at Dalton. “Johann ordered her to follow him.”

Dalton grabbed her chin. “Where?”

She wept while continuing to struggle. “I can’t tell you—even though I want to. I know he’s a monster. I beg you to destroy him.”

“He’s got her possessed,” a soldier said. “Seen it before.”

“We could let her go and follow her,” the red-head said.

“No! Please! Don’t let me go back to him.”

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