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Smashwords Edition

By R.L. O’Halloran

Copyright 2012 R.L.O’Halloran

Cover by Danny Landes

For Sharon Miller

You DO know where we’re going, don’t you?”

Diana said this as she peered out the window from the passenger seat of the little car as it struggled down a country dirt road that probably wasn’t on any map printed.

From the driver’s seat, her best friend Andy shrugged as he too peered out of the windshield, trying to see anything through the dark September night that would give him a clue as to where they were going. “Sally said this was the road, it’s on the directions here.” He indicated the small slip of paper that Diana had pinned to the visor for easy viewing.

I’m beginning to wonder if she was sober when she wrote them down,” muttered Diana balefully. “What’s this party supposed to be for, anyway?”

I don’t know any more than what Sally and Greg told both of us,” Andy replied, slowing down as the headlights indicated a sharp curve to the right ahead. “Some kind of mystery thing; the gang agreed, and everyone paired up.”

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