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John Smith, World Jumper

Book One: Portal to Adventure

Copyright 2012

E. Patrick Dorris

Published by Smashwords

Chapter One

The world you know is but one of many. I do not mean this in the sense that astronomers are beginning to discuss; distant worlds around far away stars, possibly like our own or possibly not. The worlds I speak of are, how shall I put it, duplicates. Some of these realities seem closely intertwined, some only slightly similar to the Earth you know. But all are nearby, separated only by the differences between them.

The only way I can think of to describe these “Earths” is that they are like looking into a mirror, except that what you see is not a reflection, but another world. Add to that the myriad of depth visible, each scene behind the last, when you hold two mirrors facing each other, and you may be able to grasp the number of other worlds I am speaking.

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