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A New Day

I rummage quietly at the counter in the morning before anyone gets up. Stirring and mixing the drink that will make my head clear and force me into the day. Nowadays, however, my fix is not coffee but rather vegetable juice, flax and some powdered wheat grass, organic of course. In just four short weeks during our challenge, my habit of twenty years has morphed into a new commitment and renewed strength—mentally, physically and spiritually--to tackle the challenges of the day ahead.

I regularly exercise each morning and in the past I used to follow my routine with a cup of coffee, or two, or three, or sometimes the contents of our 8 cup maker. Everyone drinks coffee in the morning, right? It gives you a boost; we all see it in TV ads and have grown accustomed to it from our parents and family. Little did I know my post-workout fatigue needed nutrients and sustenance to rejuvenate, not coffee. Coffee was indeed a short-term pick-me-up on an empty stomach, but it would quickly fade and trick me into thinking I needed more. Now I feed my body with good food, not only in the morning, but throughout the day to keep me strong and healthy.

I was actually surprised how my body’s ecosystem of mind, body and spirit has responded to my improved intake and healthy ways. The challenge has given me new strength and I am feeling the best I ever have. I have also re-introduced vegetables into my day as well as largely eliminated bleached flour and sugar. My strength in not just physical either. My mind is now stronger and I have more clarity with regard to my spiritual and mental state. I have reprioritized what is important, particularly within my family and amongst my friends. My wife and I are doing the challenge together and invariably our children are also benefiting.

I encourage others to embark on their own journey of a challenge. The challenge is about introducing new and good things as well as eliminating and addressing what is bad or most difficult to give up. It’s about putting yourself into perspective and realizing that your body and mind need attention too. It’s also about sharing information and healthy ways with loved ones and friends so we can all live a more fulfilling life. I’m grateful to Dr. Kelly and her caring staff for giving me a very much needed morning and mid-life boost. Bring on the challenge! Bring on the day!

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