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As Powerful As Ever!

Mignone C. Borg Catania

Copyright Mignone C. Borg Catania 2012

Published by CoolCats Publishing at Smashwords

After having spent fifteen years far away from his hometown, Mario Wilkinson finally decided to go back to West Virginia. He was brought up in Summersville, the town where his own true love lived. The love he was forced to leave, but whom he never succeeded to forget and had no intention of ever stop loving.

Even Elizabeth Davidson was brought up in Summersville and it's where she still live with her own daughter Marybeth. For her, the child was a very precious treasure, as she was a living proof of the love, which once belonged to Beth. Today, she was the owner of a small diner, which was situated behind Summersville Lake. A lake, which meant a lot to her, as it, will always bring many memories. Memories of friendship, love, happiness, separation, and betrayal.

This story is about two lovers who were separated, but brought back together after having spent fifteen years living in different countries, during which, they led separate lives thinking of one another. In fact, this story shows that when it's true love, everything is possible. Here we see how two lovers are separated for a very long period during which their love kept living in their hearts. A love, which always remained as powerful as ever.

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