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The Bachelor’s Son

Mignone C. Borg Catania

Copyright Mignone C. Borg Catania 2012

Published by CoolCats Publishing at Smashwords

Isabella couldn’t believe that after having sworn never to go back, after all these years trying to forget, she was again on her way to Capri. “Tell me Aurora, what exactly happened to Signora De La Fuentes's son?”

“I don’t know much, but it seems that he’s seriously ill and wants to spend the rest of his days in Capri. According to his mum, it’s the only place he ever felt like home!”

“That's bad, but are there any hopes for him?”

“Only if he accepts to be operated!”

“What do you mean?” asked Isabella confused.

“I'm not sure why, but it seems that he has lost someone few years back and since then he just let go of himself!” Then, on putting down the book she was reading she said, “tell me Bella, how do you feel now that you are going back?” asked she worriedly.

“I ... I'm not sure!” said she nervously on looking at her cousin. Suddenly, on lying down on her bed, Bella closed her eyes and found herself eight years back, to a time when she had gone to Capri for the first time.

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