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A man is known for his words but remembered by his actions.” Mz. R

This book is dedicated to my father, Ray. Daddy, you were the first on the scene, ready to hustle and promote for me. Thank you! For every encouraging word, the tears you wiped from my eyes, and every time you came to my rescue, thank you. I will never forget all that you’ve done. Also, thank you for teaching me that loving another person does not constitute forgetting who I am. I love you!



First, giving all the honor and glory to my loving Savior Jesus Christ, I said it once and I will say it again, “I am nothing without you.”

To my beautiful mother, Shirley, Mommy, thank you for getting out there and promoting your baby. You are truly the best mom in the world. I love you! To Michael, please remember Philippians 4:13. I love you. To my partner in crime, Banita Brooks, thank you for listening to me vent, making me laugh, and knowing how to keep a secret. You are one of the realest women I know. To my cousin, Kenyetta Hewlett- Ashford, I love you sweetie! I also want to thank you for forgiving me when I was MIA. To Ms. Joann, thank you for the love and support, I’m proud to claim you as my adoptive Mother. To George Sherman Hudson and the GSH team, thank you. I will never be able to express my gratitude. I have much love and respect for you. To Valerie Ann Williams, I love you girl. Thank you for the encouragement and getting the word out. You are truly a beautiful and bad chick! To my Uncle JT, thank you for always being there to offer a kind word and a helping hand. I love you. To LaVonda Howard, of cup cake creative studio, thank you for creating one hot cover after another. To Anita Shari- Peterson with Catawba Publishing, thank you for all that you do. Most of all, thank you for your patience. To Doris, I hope you enjoy and thank you for the support. To all the readers out there, thank you...thank you...thank you. To everyone who stayed down and remained true, thank you.

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