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Thom Tate

Published by Thom Tate on Smashwords. Copyright 2012 Thom Tate. Edited by Michael McIrvin.

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Chapter 1

Bali, Indonesia

December 17th

16:20 Local time (09:20 GMT)

“Come on children, it’s time to go,” Anna Evanko called to her two children.

Vicktor, 11, and Natasha, 9, playfully splashed their way up to the beach. Dimitri, her husband, relaxed in his lounge chair, soaking up the final few minutes of sun before they headed back to the hotel to prepare for an elegant dinner at a fine establishment on the shore that had been recommended to them. They were staying at the Four Seasons Bali Resort in Jimbaran, which is on the north end of the south section of Bali, but feeling adventurous, they decided on a more secluded beach on the far south end of the island. The beach was backed by high cliffs that added to their seclusion.

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