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Good Manners Never Go Out of Style

As I sit in my rocker, thinking fondly of Mamma’s way, I can still remember her words of wisdom that she would always say.

She said to me, “You are a pretty girl; but, pretty is as pretty does. Not having any manners likens to a bumble bee without a buzz.

Since it doesn’t cost a cent for the little word, ‘please’, why not add it when you say, ‘I really do want these’?

Have you ever seen someone spray others with a large, wet sneeze? It is polite to cover your nose and say, ‘Excuse me, please’!

To push and shove others will make one appear to be very crude. Also, it is harmful, hurtful and absolutely rude!

Always, you need to show others that you are very kind. You might say, ‘You may go first, I really do not mind’!

We are all in this world together and kind to each other we should always be. It makes our spirits happy, when we are shown true courtesy”.

I will always remember my Mamma’s words that she said with her sweet smile. “Mind your manners, my little girl; good manners and true friends never go out of style.”

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