The Meat Market

By Ernest Winchester

Copyright: By Ernest Winchester

Sheila Walker leaned down to get a closer look at the rock hard erection jutting out from the man’s pubic bush. It had a slight upward slant and she seemed to appreciate that, although she said nothing nor made any indication that she was favoring the specimen. His nut sack was appealing enough as well, showing a good-sized pair and not dangling too far nor pulled up too tight. They were snug under the base of his cock as they should be. She moved her head around to view it from the side. It seemed thick enough and she didn’t need a ruler to know it was at least seven inches. No man offered at this establishment was less. She moved back to eye the tiny slit in the middle of his glans. She stared intently at the opening but could detect no pre-come emerging. ‘Pity,’ she thought, but still said nothing. She straightened and casually glanced across the man’s abs and chest. Good muscle tone, not that it mattered. She didn’t bother looking up at his face, knowing that he would be looking straight ahead, barely blinking. Unlike puppies in a pet store, they were not allowed to show any eagerness. She glanced back at the cock but had no desire to reach out to touch it with her bare fingers, and certainly didn’t wish to put her mouth on it just yet. She would be enjoying it soon enough.

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