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Well, I guess he’ll do. After all it’s only Wednesday.”

Very well, Ms. Walker.” The attendant passed an electronic scanner across a tag that was attached to the man’s right earlobe. It was the only thing that he was wearing. The attendant double checked the display on the scanner then entered a code that finalized the purchase.

Ms. Walker turned to leave, pausing only briefly to take a casual glance at the cocks of the last two men lined-up on display. There were six of them standing at attention in the row, on display for the establishment’s clientele. She stopped for a second at the last man. His cock was sagging slightly.

You’re not using chemical enhancements to get them hard, are you?” She asked, over her shoulder. The men had been especially trained to achieve an erection without any direct contact or visual stimulation, working only with their minds.

Oh, Ms. Walker, you know we never do that. Maybe at some of the other places, but not here; would you like me to get another man for the line?” The attendant was eager to please, as always.

She glanced back up the line at the other cocks standing erect. “No. The one I selected will due.” There was little enthusiasm in her voice, however, as she left.


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