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Gods at Eighteen 4: The Games Girls Play

Published by P.F. Dee at Smashwords

Copyright 2014 P.F. Dee

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This book contains mature sexual subject matter, and should not be read by minors. Also, all characters in the book are over 18, as are the models used for the pictures. Finally, all names, places and subjects are fictional, and any similarity to real things is unintentional.


The Games Girls Play 1: Doctor‘s Office

Nineteen-year-old Jenny Poole flipped the pages of a Cosmo in the doctor's waiting room, bored. The magazine wasn't even new enough to have any articles about sex Powers. Jenny laughed at all the tips on "How To Make Your Man Squirm In Bed," or "How to Spice Up Your Sex Life!" With her young sharp mind and her Powers, she could already do all those things to any man she wanted while drinking a Pepsi in the next room.

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