Blood Maiden

By Crystal Carroll

Copyright © 2012 Crystal Carroll

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Mythological logic goes something like this: A woman opens her cupboard to get a cup. The cup says, "Did you hear? Last night the knife ran away with the spoon."

If the story were to happen in the real world, the woman would scream, "Yikes! A talking cup!" In mythological logic, the woman says, "Really? I didn't even know they were dating."

That's what I love about mythology and folklore. It's not that just that odd things happen, but that no one questions that odd things happen. It's a normal part of life. Sometimes cups talk. Sometimes rivers are made of blood. Sometimes giant scorpions guard the gates to the underworld.

That's the logic that is behind "The City", which is not so much a location as a place of the imagination. Blood Maiden’s adventures in the City aren't so much about regular people turning a corner and finding themselves (much to their consternation and looking for answers as to how such a thing might happen) in the City. It's a place where everyone has always been.

The City is every city and no particular city. It is sprawling like Rio de Janeiro and it is as compressed as Hong Kong. It's divided by real rivers like the Nile and imagined rivers like the River of Blood.

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