Pursuing an Intellectually and Financially Rewarding Career as an Online French or English Teacher

Forward: Why Teach Online?

Do you have a French or English teaching degree but you cannot find a stable salaried job in this economy? Perhaps you like the autonomy of working from home, so that you can create your own schedule and spend more time with your family. Do you seek the ability to freely work on your laptop at any location, or from anywhere in the world? In recent years, more and more people have begun to discard the brick and mortar structure of the typical on-site teaching job. Computer technology has now made it possible for people to not only earn money from the comfort and convenience of their own homes, but to actually make a good, stable living at it. Such a lifestyle has many advantages. Many people find that it enables them to have more time to themselves a result of flexible scheduling. It also cuts the cost of gas and the wear and tear of mileage on one's car. Furthermore, it enables the individual to work where they feel most comfortable, and perhaps even the most inspired.

There are many opportunities for the certified teacher to enjoy a rewarding career from their own home. Imagine being able to listen to Carla Bruni and Putamayo French café and sipping on French roast while creating your lesson plans and grading assignments! Although many people are skeptical about online teaching because they feel that it underpays and depersonalizes the learning experience, as an online teacher myself, I can attest to the fact that this profession is actually a very enriching learning experience which can pay very well. In this e-book, I will set out to debunk the myth that online teaching is unsatisfying. The online medium is indeed an exciting channel for instruction. For example, with the aid of technology, the online teacher can use media such as music to engage the student in a warm-up activity. Webcams and microphones enable the teacher to interact with the student. The student also receives highly individualized instruction and communication from the instructor through e-mail correspondence, and the teacher can bring the online classroom to life by thoughtfully designing their class webpage so that it contains contextual/cultural activities, instructional tips and examples of stellar student work. In addition to being intellectually fulfilling, the online teaching field can also be a stable career choice. There are now online teaching jobs that offer benefits and career track opportunities. However, on the way to finding that ideal salaried position, the online teacher can also combine an adjunct teaching position with online tutoring to make a good living.

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