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Even though I was a year and a half older than Milo, I still didn’t have my license, so Jack was the one giving the driving lessons, and it scared me.

Wearing gigantic sunglasses, Jack sat shotgun, but he didn’t really explain things to Milo. He pointed to a pedal and said, “That one makes it go. So push on it and let’s go.” That’s it.

Fortunately, Milo’s pretty cautious, so he pressed Jack for more information, but that didn’t make his answers any less vague. That might be because Jack’s tired. The mid-afternoon August sun shined brightly above us. Ordinarily, that sounds like the best time to drive, but sunlight made Jack groggy. He’d already started to yawn.

Jack is not exactly like everyone else. I really like him, more than I should. He’s attractive in his own right, with dancing blue eyes, perpetually disheveled sandy hair, and flawless tanned skin, but he’s not what I would call drop-dead gorgeous.

Everything about Jack and his family is complicated, thanks to one major fact: they just happen to be vampires.

They aren’t really dangerous to people, or I wouldn’t let any of them around my brother. I guess technically they are, since they could easily kill us if they wanted to, but I don’t think they want to. They do live off human blood, but they use either blood banks or human donors.

Vampires don’t have to drink a person to death, although they can and sometimes do. Jack has never killed anyone, but he’s still a relatively young vampire. He was twenty-four when he turned, and that was only sixteen years ago, in comparison with his brother Ezra who has been around for over three-hundred years and Peter’s nearly two-hundred.

They’re not really brothers, but brothers in the way vampires are. In order to turn, the human’s blood fuses with the vampire’s blood. Ezra turned Peter, and Peter turned Jack. This makes them close in unusual ways. Peter is attracted to me, or rather his blood is. But because of his attraction, both Jack and Ezra are very fond of me, and Jack much more than he should be.

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