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Life on a Spiritual Path


Travel with me through the storms of this real life adventure. Starting with an idyllic, rural childhood we go into the gangland streets of New York and on to Seattle for High School, where Rock and Roll is coming in. These all provide lots of exciting stories. An auto accident throws me into a near death experience. I know the ecstasy of being a slave to that old white horse galloping through my veins and the agony of a cold turkey withdrawal. I go from sweeping floors to being called the Pork Belly King of Wall Street. The stress-filled heights of a top earning executive give way at the hands of an enraged butcher knife wielding wife. A devastating divorce leads to the joys of an almost penny-less hippy at Rainbow gatherings. Peek into a budding awareness of sexuality and the influences of raging hormones inflamed by spiritual practices. See how a romantic nature fuels the wildfires of many exciting relationships with passion, poetry and pathos. Thrill with me through my Satori. Follow my intriguing search for a Master, how it draws me to India to meet him and to join the most controversial spiritual movement of the 20th century. You will be captivated by intimate stories ‘told and untold’ - from the building of our utopia in the Oregon desert, to the street people saga and a barely avoided Waco-like siege by the powers that be. All this is yours, with humor and unguarded honesty. I hope my personal account may raise awareness that mystery and magic are all around us. Enjoy the read.


I enjoyed the ride.

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