It was a cold October day, the day she realized just what was going on. She was in love, but not just with anyone it had to be the one man she could never have a true relationship with.

They met in September of the year before, she was a junior in college, and he was in his last year. From that day in September everywhere one went the other went too, but she always knew that in June he would be gone and she would have to remain there alone and life would never be the same. How could she tell him just how she felt? did she really think that it would make a difference?, how could she convince him that they were right?

Megan had always been a quiet, stay at home kind of girl. Although Megan had been quiet in high school and throughout her whole life, but she could have been the beauty queen; with thick curly red hair that encircled her face, making her big green eyes seem even bigger. She looked almost like a porcelain doll, so fair, but since meeting him she had come out of her shell, found the world, and found herself, and a love she would never forget.

Devin was your average guy, not the college football quarterback or the star of the school in anyway, but to her, he was the world. He wasn’t the most attractive, but his thick brown curls he wore shaggy, along with those deep brown eyes, set her on fire with just a look. But she saw past all that to his beautiful mind.

After weeks of wondering how she would tell him how she felt, trying to find the words; she decided that she was just going to do it. So that night when they went for a walk, she blurted out to him.

“You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, I don’t want you to go, I need you.”

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