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Table of Contents

Introduction by Nikola Klaus

All His Joy by Lori Selke

Innogen by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata

The Last Dream by Annabeth Leong

Farewell the Tranquil Mind by Clarice Clique

Another Night by Emily Moreton

Five Acts Bi The Woods by Nik Flandrè

About the Authors


Shakespeare and reimaginings have a long history together. The Bard himself drew inspiration for his plays from various stories, poems, myths, and historical accounts, and we in our turn have drawn inspiration from these plays for everything from novels to movies to video games to pop songs. There have been straight-up adaptations, setting shifts, and retellings from other points of view; there have been quality works and not-so-quality works and some that are just plain odd. (Richard III as a Japanese comic with an unusually pretty version of the title character? Yeah, that exists. Hamlet as a text adventure game, inventory puzzles and all? That too.) There is such a staggering amount of material that you could be forgiven for thinking that surely everything one could possibly do must have been done already.

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