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The Fantasy Box

Chapter 1

We've been married for eight years. I love my husband and I have absolutely no doubts that he loves me as well. Our marriage is happy, we rarely fight, neither of us have ever cheated, we have two beautiful children, a stable home, hefty savings, and great jobs we both love. Basically, our life together is perfect.


We've been together since high school, and as two sexually healthy adults, we have explored almost everything two individuals can do together. Our sex life is great, sometimes better than great, but it's starting to become a little stale. I mean, after six years of dating and eight years of marriage, there isn't much we haven't done. We've indulged in fantasy role-playing. We've mixed it up with toys. We've had wild, kinky sex. Now all of that seems like the norm and we are losing that spark of a new adventure.

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