Copyright 2012, Lazette Gifford, All Rights Reserved

Cover Art copyright 2012, Lazette Gifford, All Rights Reserved

Cover art created with DAZ Studio, Adobe Photoshop and Google Picasa

3D models used were Egypt City for DS by Dreamlight and Return to the Enchanted Forest by Stonemason

Chapter One

Amam crouched on his heels, hidden among the tall oaks at the edge of the crumbling cliff. He sniffed the air and leaned forward, watching the land below him. Darkness made impenetrable shadows everywhere, except in the narrow ravine far below where dancing fire snaked its way through dry brush and weeds. As he watched, the flames --nature at her most powerful -- devoured the last of the magical barriers Amam had put in place. The fire moved on, leading the men who fought to contain the flames ever closer to his dark secrets.

He feared the blaze moved with a purpose, ever forward to Amam's latest place of power. Was this the work of Amai'yehi, the ancient spider spinning her web and bringing fire to uncover his work? Or had one of the others from ancient Kemi finally found the backbone to fight him?

He felt the flames lapping at his magic circle and whispered a curse as he stared at his hands. This human shell should have been good for another few weeks, although he would have discarded the flesh soon anyway. Only seven days separated him from the blessed moment when he would summon his beloveds!

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