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Help! My Best Friend Just Got Married. Can We Still Be Friends?

A funny, no-nonsense, commonsense guide to establishing and maintaining healthy, platonic relationships with an opposite sex friend who is married or in a committed relationship.

Toni Staton Harris

With Foreword by Ametra D. Burton

For John Eric Scutchins, the best of us.

Foreword by Ametra D. Burton

Can men and women be friends—just friends? Whether you agree or disagree, one thing about this subject, it’s a never-ending debate! There are just as many people for it as there are against it and many of us have been on both sides of this coin. Some of us have even fallen victim to the dreaded triangle. You know, the two of you are mad cool, and then one of you falls in love—or at least in like—and now the three of you are trying to figure out how to make this twosome a tolerable threesome.

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