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Your friend is now in a committed relationship, doesn’t respect your relationship or you aren’t feelin’ your man/woman’s best friend. What should you do? Hey, I say go off on her, tell him to stay away from your woman, mark your territory, let the person know you were there before he came into the picture and will be there when he’s gone. Although this will allow you to release some bottled-up anger, I’ve just given you the perfect recipe for disaster. But never fear, you’re on the right track because you picked up this book instead of taking my whack advice. Bravo! You’ve taken the first step to coming out on the other side of this situation the better person. That doesn’t just feel good, it makes you look good, too.

In this day, when it seems necessary to state the obvious—He’s just not that into you (this got an amen from me when I first heard it on Sex and the City). It’s called a break up because it’s broken (very cute, also very true), we seem to crave being told what we already know. It’s a matter of needing to hear the truth out loud, get up close and personal with it, so we can process, digest, and take action. Well, I feel you. Your cries have been heard!

Keep in mind, you’re not the first to be in this position and you won’t be the last. Seeing how this book just came out, all those before you probably got it ass backward, including me. I wasn’t always this insightful. Back in the day, I was a “hot mess.” As a matter of fact, I was worse because I didn’t know it. I can still remember the day my best friend walked into my office and told me he was about to propose to his then girlfriend. She had been around for a minute, but I guess I was just waiting for her expiration date just like the others. He was serious and I realized it, so I supported him as friends should. Not much changed between him and me, we just tried to figure out how to incorporate her into our hangout nights. Well, she had the perfect solution. She hosted a get-together with her friends and his (and, of course, I was on the list). I arrived late and there were no seats left, but I found one, one that I had occupied many times before - right on my boy’s lap! What was I thinking? That’s just it, I wasn’t! You see, I had nothing to lose, and I knew I had no interest in him beyond us hanging out and me checking out his friends. What happened? Nothing that I’m aware of, but I can guess that they had some pretty intense conversations about my thoughtless action. Now, fast-forward 10 years…they say hindsight is 20/20, so as a married woman with hindsight, I was a jackass! And let me tell you, if a woman did that to me, furniture would be moved! Maybe not if I would have had this book as a resource, and I would Act like a lady, and think like a man (yeah, I read that book, too).

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