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Chapter 4 The Story of Dana

Chapter 5 Putting it all Together

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Todd Stofka has been a colleague and friend of mine for several years. We met during specialty training for master hypnotists, which I soon recognized in Todd himself. The ease which he induced a trance state within a person and how he was able to use his abilities to enact powerful changes during hypnosis, was a quality that I myself as a master hypnotist with over 20 years of experience, was able to admire.

Other hypnotists and clients are naturally drawn to his charismatic style and knowledge about hypnosis and its’ practical applications in life. With the encouragement of other hypnotists and colleague’s from around the country, Todd has written this informative and engaging manual on exam anxiety.

Test anxiety, a problem that plagues students and professionals alike, holding them back from their full potential within academics and advancement within their career fields. His “how to” manual will change the lives of so many people that have been crippled by fear and anxiety, leaving them chained into a permanent state of failure.

Todd’s relevant and real-life examples teach anyone how to draw their own inner strengths to the surface and banish fear, anxiety, doubt and failure from their life’s vocabulary.

Working with his own son to overcome the difficulty of test anxiety, Todd gives concrete ways to re-train your thinking and your brain. This book is a solid example of how to use hypnosis and related techniques to achieve your goals and banish test anxiety forever!

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