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Right time, right place

Hi. You are likely to find this book revolutionary. We believe it is the right book, at the right time. It describes how we all could help to create a gluten-zero world. It is written by the right author who is very experienced in diagnosing the gluten illnesses. This book has the potential to help millions of people to become well by adopting the gluten-zero concept. Up until now there has not been a book written for the sole purpose of helping people understand the reasons why we need a zero gluten world. At last it has arrived.

Why this book? Why zero?

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." ­ Marcel Proust.

Why? Every day in my Clinic I feel a sense of frustration. I see a child who has severe gastric reflux, I see another who has been suffering with eczema for years, I am told about someone else who is not learning well at school with attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD). I know that all of these problems could be caused by gluten – but no one knows this. No one is investigating. These families need urgent help, but they can’t find any.

This is why I wrote this book. It disturbs to me that so few medical practitioners understand about gluten and the harm that it can cause. In my experience, my medical colleagues never diagnose gluten-related disorders. However, the evidence is all around them if they would take the trouble to look for it– in their clinics, in the medical research literature, and in the words that their patients are saying to them. But they tell me "I choose not to believe" – to them it appears to be another inconvenient truth. They are locked into the diagnosis of celiac disease without any understanding of the big gluten picture.

This is why I have collected together in this book most of what is known about gluten and the diseases that it can cause. Every day in my Clinic I am explaining to parents the information about gluten-harm. They are concerned for their children, and wonder why their doctor was ignorant about this gluten-illness epidemic. Children and parents want answers, not a brush off.

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