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Dark Aeons

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Many thanks to my editors and literary advisors, Jacob G. Adams and Peter Merlin, who offered me their valuable insights into my writing on many of the dark tales that follow. This collection would not be the same without their help, and would doubtless have remained a horrible, jumbled conglomeration of letters that would have driven even the most stoic reader mad. Thank them for your sanity.


This work of horror began as a single story, "Winds of Madness," which was actually based upon a piece of fan fiction I wrote a long time ago. The story was an excuse for me to have fun with the English language, giving me the opportunity to describe outlandish scenes and a poor being's descent into madness, tossed about on indescribable winds. That initial, very short story morphed into the very first (and, in my humble opinion, the best) story of this collection.

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