You never know what's going to happen, really.

Ponty Green Bear's adventure began while he was searching through a jumble of boxes and tins in his pantry to see if he had any cinnamon donuts left.

Ponty is a green bear, and green bears, as you know, love cinnamon donuts almost as much as they love broccoli ice cream.

Anyway, Ponty was poking through boxes of beets, nets of onions, piles of turnips and bags of broccoli, when the telephone rang.

"Drat!" he said.

Now he'd have to stop looking for donuts and start looking for his telephone.

Ponty lived in a very messy house in a place called the Lime Forest. It was called the Lime Forest because there weren't any lime trees in it, only poplars, pine trees, fir trees, apple trees, chestnut trees, oak trees, willows and birch trees.

That should be enough trees for anyone!

Anyway, Ponty never put anything away, and he hardly ever cleaned and dusted. That was why he could never find anything.

The telephone rang seven times, and then it rang seven more times.

"Drat!" said Ponty.

He looked under a pile of shirts and sweaters on the kitchen table, and behind a pile of 'Super Bear' comics on a coffee table in the living room. The phone kept ringing and ringing, sounding angrier with each new ring.

At last Ponty found it on top of his washing machine, behind the box of cinnamon donuts he'd been looking for.

"Hello," he said. "This is me."

"Of course it's you!" said a grumpy voice on the phone. "Who else would I call when I'm lost?"

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