A Novel by Geoffrey A. Feller

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 by Geoffrey A. Feller


I’m thirty-four years old. Thirty-four and nine months. Someday I’ll be too old for this and maybe I already am. Depends who you ask, what their frame of mind is. Objective analysis is worthless; subjective opinion is all that matters.

So I’m almost thirty-five and I’m sitting at a bar in Uptown. That’s part of Minneapolis, the boutique section. Manufactured hip, so to speak. Restaurants and shops designed to appeal to the well educated, sophisticated consumer, lots of them younger than me. Most of the residents are about the age I was when I moved back to this city. My apartment was just a few blocks north of this bar.

Now inside this bar, the crowd is even younger. I’m looking at undergrads swarming in from the other side of the river where the dorms are. I know something about that, too. The U of M was my alma mater, after all. I know I made the trip many times. The bars surrounding the campus over in Dinkytown get crowded and annoying.

Can’t blame them. So here I am with my gin and tonic. No one’s propositioned me yet but the night is young. I’m no longer the first to be hit on (well, actually, I never was) but I can bide my time. There’s no need to feel desperate since I have a boyfriend… but more about him later.

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