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The Glass Heart

Alexander Hope

Published by Alexander Hope at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Alexander Hope

Chapter One

Outside a small café, three drama students waited for Elisabeth Gooding. Candy Wade, a conservative young wanabe actress, thought of all the time spent and wasted pursuing this monthly ritual; waiting for Elisabeth Gooding. Miss Perfect. Never take a friend, who is more beautiful than you, to your auditions; eventually, someone will see Miss Perfect and decide that she should audition alongside you; and damn if your friend doesn’t get the juiciest part of the year. The three of them had been doing the Elisabeth Gooding ritual for five years. Ever since Elisabeth became a TV child-star. Candy felt Elisabeth had got the job and the fame and the money and had done very little to help her best friend, Miss Candy Wade, get into the business. All four of them had started drama school together in Orange County, but now Elisabeth was living in Hollywood and visiting only once a month. A couple of years back, when Elisabeth started her new series, Candy cornered her old friend, at the Burbank Studios, and started a conversation with her.

“But, you promised me" Candy said to Elisabeth.

"I got you three auditions," Elisabeth said.

“You said I didn't nail the Jenny part, but you said I nailed the Ashley part.”

“You nailed it. But Gladie Thompson got the role."

“She's got that role because she is black not because she is a good actor."

“She's got the job because she's a damn good actor. She won the Emmy for best supporting actress in a dramatic series."

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