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Author: M. S. Hembree

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© 2010 All Rights Reserved


This is a small collection of self-help and other topics that hopefully will assist you with a concern or give you a reason to smile. In this economy, we need to work together to make our short lives as anguish-free, as possible. How lucky are we that we can take another breath and enjoy reading, comprehending, musing—even if we do have concerns? In this book, I document specific socio-economic issues that are troubling in 2010, and present their potential solutions in a conversational way. Since I have personally gone through each and every one of these chapters in my career or personal life, and am still able to breathe and type, why not share the optimism? That being said, this book is dedicated to everyone who invested in this worthwhile-and-took-me-three-years-to-write literary work. It’s also dedicated to the Colonel; a Green Beret in Vietnam and a Special Forces Hero in my heart. His life story, chronicled in the autobiography of: “CrazyHead,” made the energy for this and my other books possible. ~M.S.H.

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