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The Portal Between

Sam was gone, and no one knew where or why. Her car was found near the old oak tree, empty and abandoned. There was no sign of foul play, but also no sign of Sam, except for footprints that led to the oak tree...and stopped.

Two years later, her best friend Kate still cares for Sam’s children, waiting for Sam to return for them. Then one day she does. “I don’t have long,” Sam says. “Can you help me?” Kate must help her return home from a place that is closer than you might think, but still a world away.

Sam's escape is just the beginning of her journey. Sam must go back to confront and defeat her abductor, leaving Kate to care for her children. Sam returns to the old oak tree, and the Portal to the world where she was held prisoner. In a whirlwind world of magic and monsters, where people and things are not who or what they appear to be, there are hard choices ahead, and Sam must learn if she's strong enough to make them.

"A gripping read, straying between worlds. A great fantasy read for any time of day!" 5 star Amazon Review.

"There is no denying the incredible talent of this author." 5 star Amazon Review.

The Portal Between

By Sarah Barnard

Published by Ethics Trading at Smashwords.

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