Three - Emotional Health 101

Four - Putting Obama To The Test

Five - Obama is Stylin’ Alright

Six - Voter Accountability

Seven - Obama’s Treatment Plan


What we have in President Obama is a man without a foundation. During each childhood developmental phase he was confronted with significant loss, trauma, and impediments that inhibited him from successfully traversing through childhood, into adolescence, and into adulthood. He was not taught to identify, express, and resolve his emotional distress related to these painful experiences. He was left to fend for himself to resolve his distress. Lacking the psychological roadmap and feeling overwhelmed with his circumstance, he floundered emotionally. Being no stranger to rejection and abandonment, he questioned his own lovability and goodness. In an effort to contain his pain, he learned to rigidly maintain that he is right, and others are wrong, and to present with an air of intellectual superiority. Despite the appearance of having it all together, there is a continuous fear and tension that his lack of worth will be exposed, that others will realize that he doesn’t measure up.

So, what happens when a child grows up and is fixated emotionally and behaviorally in the past? The child becomes an adult with resentment and anger and without the resources to resolve that pain. The emotions from the past become intertwined with the present. Those emotions do not fade away. The unresolved feelings and the behavioral patterns from childhood are evident in that person’s adult life. And, if that child grows up to become president, he brings that destructive force along with him.

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